Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Title

Another post with nothing to show. I will catch you up on what we've been up to. This past weekend we went to the Plano Balloon Festival. We had a great time but I think we like to Longview one better. You can actually walk between the balloons during the glow and talk to the pilots and crew members in Longview.

Chad was off work yesterday so we did some running around. Then I had a scout leader meeting after supper. Tonight we've got a den meeting. Tomorrow I'm getting the house in order and then I'm working in my room. My mom gave me a twin size bed and I've had to rearrange my scrapbook room to fit it in. That's my excuse for not having anything to show. So I have to finish my room and get things straightened up so I can work. I've also been working on sewing projects instead of scrapbooks and cards. I've got a huge stack of hand work to do now. I've got to get something finished so I'll have something to show. Got to go run some errands before I pick up the kids.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

no post

Well I said I was going to post everyday, so here is my post. I don't have anything pretty to show but, I am posting. Will you let me get by on that technicality. I was hoping to get into my room and work but that does not look like it is going to happen. It is almost 2pm. I leave to pick up the kids at 3. We leave our school and go across town to another school for a brownie meeting which will last until at least 4:45. Then we come home grab a quick bite to eat and head back out to town for a cub scout pack meeting. Which probably will last until 8:30. Then it's home, baths and bed. I have been sewing patches on uniforms all morning. Paul is moving up to the tan boy scout uniform this year and of course I waited until the last minute to get the new shirt. Long story short...I don't have anything pretty to show today. Oh just remembered...probably won't have anything tomorrow either, I'm going to go help judge at the county fair. I'm not actually judging, I'm going with a friend who is judging. I will for sure give my two cents. Got to go swing on the tire swing. Joseph can't wait any longer.



Monday, September 15, 2008

Birthday card

Well, we made it through without getting any damage from Ike. By the time he got here he was downgraded to a Tropical Storm. We only got 2 inches of rain. My garden looks like it has been beat to death though. Joseph and I have plans to tend to it after lunch. I've got some lettuce seeds to plant for a fall crop, so we have to get rid of the squash and beans that have died. Enought of that, on to more fun things.

I have got to get into a better practice of posting. Life keeps getting in the way for some reason. Today is a Monday so let's see if I can post every day for a week, well monday thru friday. Here's a card I made yesterday for my MIL's birthday.
stamp - Simple Birthday Thanks (Stampin Up)
Cardstock - Tangerine Tango
I colored it with my copics and then put crystal effects on the cherry to make it shiny.
We are off to work outside now while it is nice.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Finally a post!!!

Well, so much for posting something tomorrow. After the strep throat, it was one thing then another. I have hardly gotten into my room. I have however gotten some sewing done. I do not have pics yet. My mom has been visiting us the last couple of weeks due to emergency gall bladder surgery. We had been planning on her coming down for a visit anyway, so once she started feeling better we started sewing. She goes back sometime this weekend and after that I hope to get back to a somewhat normal scedule and start posting regularly. Whew that was a long sentence.

This is the only thing I have to post right now. It is a picture frame I made last week when a friend came over. She had seen the others I had done of my other 2 kids. This is the result.

Till next time. I'll get the camera out when mom leaves and post some pics of the quilts we have been working on. And yes, I mean quilts. I also have some smocked dresses etc that I made for Laura. Later Tater